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What was the nature of the "Lich Bomb" used in the final stages of the Mushroom War? 

7 deviants said An extremely potent and insidious mutagenic agent, possibly nanotechnological in nature
5 deviants said A truly "supernatural" weapon carrying an ancient curse or occult artifact
4 deviants said A quantum weapon destabilizing the underlying probabilistic substrate of the spacetime continuum
3 deviants said Is there really any difference between the suggested options??
2 deviants said A psychotronic device employing technologically harnessed or generated paranormal energies
2 deviants said A sub/hyperspace bomb that punched a transdimensional hole into an adjacent worldline
2 deviants said Pep Butt came to me in a dream and told me what really happened (please elaborate)
1 deviant said A super-powerful nuclear device with a high radiation/fallout yield, i.e. a cobalt bomb


Thomas Duffy
United States
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Shell of choice: Chitinous
Wallpaper of choice: Peeling
Skin of choice: Epidermous

This past week's awesome Adventure Time nonsense got me musing again on how I would handle vampires, were I to address them in a fictional context. Which I would not, because I don't like vampires. But if I did, I imagine I'd employ a premise similar to that posited under…

The key difference being that in this case, the preternatural parasite fundamentally alters the underlying Sheldrake-ian morphogenetic template of the host/victim's DNA, resulting in expressed and potentially hereditary biological changes. There may even be an organic vector to the condition, probably not a virus but something more like a prion, so that the physiological metamorphosis is entangled with bioenergetic corruption of the host's chakra system. The phenomenon then becomes a kind of "communicable curse."

Most aspects of traditional vampire lore could be rationalized under this model, I think.

:bulletblack: The condition induces extreme anemia, giving the host a thirst for blood. (Much like the "hydrophobia" component of rabies, this could easily be seen as an evolutionary self-selection factor leading to propagation of the parasite via bite contamination.)

:bulletblack: Vulnerability to sunlight would be an extreme sensitivity to UV radiation. Perhaps the disease agent has origins in a deep geothermal "shadow biosphere" and only occasionally reaches the surface during volcanic upheavals--the origins of the mythical Hades and the monsters of the shadowy underworld...?

:bulletblack: Aversion to holy water and blessed objects would be another morphic resonance characteristic--the Kirlian field and even the molecular configuration of such material artifacts has been subtly polarized via the bioenergetic influence of someone synchronized with a "positive" energy domain antithetical to the dark astral parasites. Such objects may even become a channel or "antenna" for positive vacuum energy, linked to the inexhaustible wellspring of the divine ZPE Source field.

Consider Masaru Emoto's Messages in Water:…
This is why "blessing" is ineffective without "faith."

:bulletblack: Lack of reflections in mirrored surfaces is harder to explain, but I'd hazard that the host's bioenergetic field warps visible light in some fashion. Maybe their material form is actually invisible, and humans unwittingly "see" only the predator's manifest psychic imprint. Or maybe they can "tune" their bioenergetic field to visibility at will. This could explain some of the other odd and credulity-straining metamorphic and "chameleonic" faculties of vampires, like the supposed ability to project illusions or turn into mist or animal forms.

:bulletblack: The inability to cross running water is another odd one; I guess I would put that down to some sort of disruption of the altered Kirlian field or the etheric parasite's interface with the physical host due to the dense negative ion concentration in the potential electrical reservoir generated by large volumes of kinetic, fast-moving water. (The New Age association of negative electrical ions with healing and "positive energy" would tend to reinforce this interpretation.)

:bulletblack: I'd say that silver (or salt, or iron, or whatever) is lethal for similar reasons--disruption of the host's altered bioenergetic field or the preternatural superconducting properties of the vampiric nervous system. (I stole this latter idea from Chaosium's take on werewolf biology...I should note here that in researching the mythological origins of vampires and werewolves, I've found that indigenous folklore rarely recognizes any difference between the two arbitrary categories and that the contemporary concept of the "wolfman" is almost entirely a modern cinematic invention.)

:bulletblack: If we take the bestial transformation motif at face value, I would say it's more of a "Thing"- or Anyanwu-like absorption and expression of acquired genetic templates--perhaps an infected host enjoys access to an entire gene library or transphyletic "zoo" accumulated over millions of years of cross-pollinatory disease transmission and evolution. That would be difficult to explain in terms of a prion vector, but given the Sheldrake-ian aspects, it's also possible that these DNA templates are stored in the form of their bioenergetic counterparts in the morphogenetic field--a kind of vampiric "Akashic record" enabling the creature to draw upon and manifest traits of diverse organisms at will.

:bulletblack: The wooden stake thing isn't always mentioned in the original mythology, and even when it is, the relative lethality and required type of wood (ash, oak, holly) varies widely. In many cases piercing the heart (with anything) only immobilizes the vampire--complete destruction requires decapitation and burning or interment of the body in hallowed ground (see again morphic resonance). Once again, maybe the type of wood/implement is less important than whether it's charged with the disruptive energetic influence of someone truly "good"(/polar "positive") wielding it in sincere faith...?

:bulletblack: Vulnerability to garlic is another odd and sketchy one not wholly or consistently supported by the folklore. I'd say it's not exactly an allergic reaction, but more like an extreme sensitivity to pungent herbs due to acutely heightened, stereotypically "vampiric" senses.

:bulletblack: Some of those weirder aspects like the OCD "bean counting" and inability to enter houses uninvited I would put down to prosaic spongiform-like brain damage. Evil psychic parasite notwithstanding, this might also be a partial explanation for vampiric sadism, psychopathy, and megalomaniacal religious delusions, all of which would aid in disease propagation. Again, consistent with cordyceps, rabies, and other such gruesome "brain-jacking" infections:…

Where and how did this condition begin? Which came first, the prion or the parasite? Did the contaminating organic component lead to a disease condition of the body's bioenergetic field and an emergent etheric organism (ah-HAH, now we're seeing true Cordyceps-style "spore" dissemination, taking place on the astral plane!)? Or does the mutation of the original host's DNA lead to the production of a pathological protein complex that can potentially corrupt additional victims and render them vulnerable to infection by conspecific astral parasites...?

For Adam, mainly...I thought this might be something you could exploit for your game universe, though from our exchanges I imagine that you already do or would employ a very similar narrative device.

Though I'm still at -1 on response to that last journal entry--to paraphrase from Ash, we're "still collating"



"To scorpions, lobsters are mermaids."
Sat Feb 28, 2015, 11:45 PM
I'm doing pretty good with the out-of-body experiences; it's more the "in-body" experience I'm struggling with....
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 7:17 PM
I just saw a recipe for cuttlefish. COOKED IN THEIR OWN INK
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 7:16 PM
Sapient Cuttlefish with power armor? Gosh I think my thoughts may be interfering with your dreams : P
Tue Aug 12, 2014, 5:57 AM
I'm having recurring dreams about sapient cuttlefish in powered armor. WHY??
Wed May 7, 2014, 6:11 PM



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mr-author Featured By Owner 4 days ago
i started writing a thing and i am making it a crazy mutant-filled post-acuplotpotilic landscape, i have already stocked its forests with giant hydras full of algae moss "leaves" and maxillopods converging on palms, but now i want to have Triglidae fishies convergent on Accipitriformes

but i can't make the flight mechanics work because i am fish anatomy fail

thomastapir Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Oh, man....How important is it that they are powered fliers in this scenario?  Could you make them symbiotic with another organism that provides the lift?
mr-author Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I guess not that important. General scenario is that the ecosystem was constructed by posthuman beings as an art project. Species mutualism is totally on the table - I guess if they had little springy tails like a chameleon's tongue they could launch themselves and glide for long periods. Raptors don't power flight all that much as it stands.
thomastapir Featured By Owner 3 days ago
You know what I'd do, I'd go with a different kind of fish with jaws that can be repurposed into flexing wings--something like a sarcastic fringehead:

Of course if the true jaws are being used for flight, it would need some other feature to catch prey on the wing...Maybe vomerine teeth or pharyngeal jaws, or even gill arches repurposed into secondary jaws:

Stop Light There
(1 Reply)
SaucyLobster Featured By Owner 5 days ago
So I saw a childhood favourite of mine was recently added to steam and I thought, I know somebody who likes to generate chimeras. You ever heard of Impossible Creatures? Seems like something you could have fun with.
thomastapir Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Ohh, I remember when that came out!  it seems like there was a web site or an application you could download that allowed you to create chimerical creatures without actually playing the game...Lots of fun!

SimLife was another cool-looking chimera generator that I never actually played:…
SaucyLobster Featured By Owner 3 days ago
That Toucaroo though. Have to admit, i've never heard of sim-life before but it sounds really cool.
Xhodocto385 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2015  New Deviant
hello thomastapir, a lot of your art and even scraps are great, your awesome concepts of chimaeras, weird body modifications, aliens, posthumans, transhumans, animals with organic versions of artificial objects and other concepts could be used as inspirations for barlowe-esque aliens since in my opinion they are the best types of visually appealing creatures in fiction.
thomastapir Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Oh, thank you very much! I really appreciate your kind words and your interest, and I'm glad that you enjoy my art and ideas.  It's very gratifying to get this kind of feedback--reassures me that I'm "doing something right."  :)

Welcome to dA, I hope you are enjoying yourself here so far!
SilverMender Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Miss talkin to u loads SORRY COLLEGE HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE but geez i always check up here p often, always an inspiration Thomas!!
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